Project name: 15010 REVaMP²

Status: Running

Period: Nov 2016 – Dec 2019

Call: ITEA 3 Call 2

Challenge: Smart engineering


Nº Partners: 30

Costs: 20.422 k€

Countries: Belgium France Germany Spain Sweden


Software-Intensive Systems and Services (SIS) adapt to innovative market disruptions and customer whims far quicker and at lower cost than their less software-based competitors. However, they also raise new engineering challenges. In particular, they require more agile, round-trip engineering processes that better leverage legacy assets, and more systematic and automated variability management. REVaMP² aims to conceive, develop and evaluate the first comprehensive automation tool-chain and associated executable process to support round-trip engineering of SIS Product Lines (PL). The first main end result of the project will be a prototype platform seamlessly integrating SIS Round-Trip PL Engineering automation services.