REciprocal maieutic Approach pathways enhancing Critical Thinking – REACT project intend to develop and implement an innovative methodology for the enhancement of critical thinking skills acquisition, aimed at fostering inclusive education and the common values of tolerance and acceptance of diversity as a enriching value. The new methodology will involve all the key actors of the educating communities: teachers, students and their parents.
The approach starts from the application of the Reciprocal Maieutic Approach (RMA) for discovering and discussing the process that leads to the creation of intolerance and spreading of stereotypes, but it is also addressed to motivate the students as well as their teachers and parents to learn in autonomy, according to the Montessori motto “teach me to do it by myself”. The RMA, originally developed by Danilo Dolci, will be enriched with some peculiar aspects borrowed from the Montessori’s experience, in particular the application of the observation principle to the activities and the re-thought of the learning space in order to be defined as a place “where is possible to be happy” (Hallgarten, 1910), a conceptual and physical space where the knowledge is a circular process that involves all the participants as protagonist and not just as beneficiaries. The development of this methodology lays down on recent studies and researches that clearly indicate the relationship among critical thinking skills disposition, the degree of tolerance owned by people and the dismissal of stereotypes as a cognitive process to be consciously activated personally and within group interactions.

Programa de financiación: Erasmus +

Presupuesto: 618.883 €

Fecha de inicio: 01/01/2021;  fecha de fin: 31/12/2023


Coordinador Centro di Studi Villa Montesca (IT)
Socio CSC (IT)
Socio CEI (BG)
Socio Regional Directorate of Primary and Secondary Eduation of the Ionian Islands (HE)
Socio Directorate of Navarra (ES)
Socio BLINC (DE)