In the Bachelor's Degree in Physiotherapy at USJ, as in the other degree programmes, students never "walk" alone, and from the first day they have their own tutor. The other specific aspects that can be highlighted are:

  • Specialist teachers and often leaders in their respective fields, who combine their teaching with clinical work. They offer students current knowledge which is directly applicable in the professional field.
  • Dynamic, student-centred classes are the main learning engine with a high practical content. There is a focus on practical work so that the students acquire the skills of the profession.
  • The practical work of the different subjects is performed with a teacher/student ratio that ensures the quality of teaching in each subject and with the best technologies in many knowledge areas of physiotherapy.
  • There are both morning and afternoon timetables and the possibility of reserving materials and rooms for the student to do their independent work in a real environment.
  • Access to research groups who are developing innovative and pioneering projects in the national and international scene.
  • High usage of English throughout the degree, with the aim of supporting integration in the labour market and student mobility.