The Bachelor's Degree in Law at San Jorge University responds to the ever growing need to underline the importance of good corporate governance in any type of company or organisation.

The increasing number of regulations, aimed at guaranteeing transparency as well as the correct compliance of the law, obliges companies and other organisations to establish procedures that can vouch for legal compliance and the rules of good governance.

Through this degree programme, the university aims to prepare legal professionals who, as well as having a sound knowledge of the main legal disciplines, will also have a series of competencies that will alow them to interact with the judicial system, ethics, politics and society.

In order to do this, the Bachelor's Degree in Law has integrated a new area which develops the figure of Compliance Officer, responsable for the compliance of legal norms and the detection of legal risks. This is a new professional profile in charge of supervising and periodically assessing the risks associated with the ethical code, and also establishing a legal control mechanism in all the areas of the company or organisation. This specialised profession requires a quaility learning programme that can be undertaken through an elective pathway

The course programme also includes subjects that will allow the student to acquire a background to new legal sectors such as the Digital Economy, data protection, the third sector or the social economy.