Advertising and Public Relations

The curriculum of the Bachelor's Degree in Advertising and Public Relations optimises a series of educational skills that enable students to adapt to the professional environment. Not surprisingly, this teaching model, moulded to different degrees of the Faculty of Communication, is being designed and developed around the requirements of professionalisation of the student within their academic stage, proposed within the framework of the EHEA. This educational formula gives the student an objective view of the professional field through learning both theoretical and practical subjects, exemplified in a professional context within the period of work experience that students carry out before completing their graduate studies.

Likewise, it stresses the technological infrastructure provided by San Jorge University, mediated by the use of tools and specific procedures of ICTs, required for the subjects of this degree. Communication technologies are deeply rooted from an educational aspect with the most innovative theories and persuasive linguistic, sociological and creative contributions, among others, that are established in the world of advertising and public relations.

In short ... We are different because we understand the academic and professional training of students as two values ​​that are simultaneous in time, space and form.