Accommodation / Transport

The city

Zaragoza is medium-sized working Spanish city situated about halfway between Madrid and Barcelona and is the capital of the region of Aragón. The city has a population of about 750,000 and although it is off the normal tourist trail for Spain, it has a fascinating Roman, Moorish and Christian heritage which is reflected the historic monuments and buildings that are now integrated into its contemporary make-up.

The city is a safe and economical alternative to other more touristic destinations in Spain and visitors are always given a warm welcome by the locals. The large student population makes for a diverse cultural agenda, a lively nightlife and a broad variety of sports and open-air activities.

The city offers a broad range of food, from Aragonese specialities and typical Spanish tapas to modern international cuisine, proudly boasts its own independent, family-run brewery, and is at the centre of the four Aragonese Designation of Origin wine-producing regions.

Public transport

Zaragoza has one tram line that runs from the north to the south of the city and an extensive bus service that reaches all parts of the city.

Users must buy a rechargeable "Tarjeta Bus" and validate it before each ride, it is valid to travel by bus and by tram. You can check how much money you have left on your card and also charge it, at any of the machines located at tram stops and at different points throughout the city (banks, newsagents, shopping centres, council offices etc.).

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