Financiación: Programa Europeo ERASMUS+ (Project number 590411)

Coordinador: Fundación Universidad San Jorge. Grupo de Investigación VALORA

Socios: Gozo Sports Board (Malta), University of Essex (UK).

Periodo de ejecución: 2 years ( 2018-2019)

Presupuesto: 61.000 €


The FAN-OUT project aims to contribute the Erasmus + Sport objective to “promote education in and through sport with special focus on skills development.

Activities planned to reach objective would include:

  • Promotion, identification and exchange of good practices.
  • Activities to promote innovative synergies between the field of sport and the fields of health, education, sport participation and youth.
  • Networking among stakeholders.
  • Innovative aspect of FAN-OUT is considering Sport as a Language, a universal communication system to learn physical skills but also other curricular subjects increasing the learning motivation based on students interest. Although skills and contents, social values and personal attitudes.