GRANT Nº: 613158-EPP-1-2019-1-ES-SPO-SSCP


PARTNERS: Universidad San Jorge (Coordinator), Comune Trescore Balneario (IT), Mairie Ramonville Saint Agne (FR), Asoc Deportiva Grupo de Montaña BOIRA El Temple (ES), Ayuntamiento de Zuera (ES).

Duration: 2020-2021

The main goal of A-TWIN is “to promote education in and through sport” that is focussed on  promoting sport practise in natural spaces through urban active parks where all those elements that are included in, are related to cultural education. Leaded by Fundacion Universidad San Jorge, three pillars hold it:
– Outdoor physical activities and sport for all, leaded by a grassroot mountain activities club (Boira, Spain).
– Cutural learning based on common interest, history and links between twinned towns (Zuera -Spain, Ramonville -France and Trescore-Italy).
– Environmental education through outdoor activities in nature surrondings.
Then, all of them must be related with all the European twinnings among the different  project partners, and at the same time, they provide an ecological awareness and respect to these. This idea would mean a responsible sport practice, which reduces sedentary lifestyle that works as educative tool for schools and high-schools.
A-TWIN objectives are:
1.- To increase the level practice of physical activity in open areas in municipalities wie a lower population of 20.000 inhabitants (rural areas) through linking the physical activity with culture and environment.
2.- To promote the setting of the population to the territory increasing the life quality of their citizens.
3.- Closer ties between the twinned villages as a part of the local culture, adding the physical sports activities as part of the European and local culture and increasing the knowledge of the population at a environmental and cultural level of the twinned villages.
Project outputs would be the design of two routes which can be done walking, running or cycling: a cultural route with cultural information of the three twinned municipalities and a environmental route in Zuera as well as an Educative Programme in Primary and Secondary Schools.