Sport is a key factor in achieving a healthy lifestyle. In this sense, its practice should be increased from an early age, preferably from childhood. Thus, in adolescence, physical activity will already be rooted and will be an integral part of the lives of young people.

The project “Kids in Action” (KIA) is a small collaborative partnership with the specific purpose to create an easy and practical way to make kids and their parents more aware of the importance to be physically more active and with the special focus in increasing the skills development that are so important to develop at early age. Also important is work on their social inclusion, being in a world so global, so crowdy but and the same time so lonely and so selfish, its so important to develop at early ages sentiments that as tolerance and respect. We truly believe that Sport can also be an excellent tool for integration. Step by step, the goal is to encourage the entire population to be more tolerance towards the others and to the difference. The main objective is to embrace a healthier lifestyle, with more concern regarding health, regarding the amount of the exercise they practice and the real influence this exercise can have in health but also in the state of mind and self-esteem. Reflected in the way each individual see them self in the word with or without disability. Besides this aspects, its main goal is promote equal and free access to sport practice.

Programa de financiación: Erasmus +  622130-EPP-1-2020-1-PT-SPO-SSCP

Fecha de inicio: 01/01/2021; Fecha de fin: 31/12/2022

Financiación: 42380 €


Tipo Participante
Coordinador Municipality of Lousada, ML (PT)
Socio San Jorge University Foundation, FUSJ (ES)
Socio Pendik Municipality, PM (TK)