Two English language lecturers from Japanese universities have visited the university this week as part of their research work into Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) in higher education.


Lucia Sagarra, lecturer in our Faculty of Health Sciences, is currently at the Institute for Sport, Physical Education & Health Sciences at the University of Edinburgh in the United Kingdom where she is working with fellow researchers from the Physical Activity for Health Research Centre (PAHRC).


Students from Turkey, France, Italy, Germany, Mexico, Greece, Argentina, Holland, Denmark, Austria, Finland, Belgium and Poland have today arrived at San Jorge to begin their exchange programme at the university. A total of 30 students will be enjoying the second semester with us, spread across all our Schools and Faculties and in 10 of our 13 undergraduate degree programmes as well as Master’s and Doctorate programmes. They join another 7 students who arrived in Spain in September and are spending the whole academic year in Zaragoza.


It’s not only our undergraduate programmes that invite international visiting lecturers to lead teaching sessions, our postgraduate programmes are also becoming active, especially our Master’s in Pharmaceutical Care and Pharmacotherapy.


Intercultural understanding is a key aspect of the internationalisation of our degree programmes at San Jorge and last week our fourth-year Nursing students took part in a workshop, organised and led by lecturer Isabel Antón, that has tackled issues around nursing, death and mourning in different cultures.


Dr. Jeroen Hendriks, specialist in Cardiology, has this week visited our Nursing programme to participate in teaching sessions led by our colleague Raúl Juárez. Originally from Maastricht in Holland, Jeroen is currently a leading lecturer at the Royal Adelaide Hospital, linked to the University of Adelaide in Australia.

Jeroen will be back at San Jorge in April when he is going to collaborate in our Masters programme in Research for Health Sciences and also in our undergraduate programme.


Today we have received a visit by a delegation from one of our most recent Erasmus+ partners, Vincent Pol University in Lublin, Poland. The founder and current Chancellor of the university, Dr. Henryk Stefanek was accompanied by the Vice Chancellor, Professor Witold Klaczewski, Erasmus Coordinator Anna Szczepaniak and Małgorzata Majerek, lecturer in the Faculty of Tourism and Sports Science.


Our colleague, Noël Soria Campo, Administrative Assistant in the International Relations Unit, recently attended the International Staff Exchange Week organized by the University of Helsinki. He met and worked with an international group of university staff from a number of different countries and had the chance to exchange best practice and positive experiences from different areas of academic administration.


Elisabeth Bravo, lecturer on the San Jorge Physiotherapy degree programme spent last week at Vincent Pol University in the Polish city of Lublin. Elisabeth led a series of teaching sessions and lectures on her specialist area and observed other Physiotherapy classes taught though English. She also visited the installations of Academic Physiotherapy Centre and the Rehabilitation Centre of the Lublin Military Hospital, which both host local students carrying our clinical placements.


Since the beginning of the 2015-2016 academic year a number of San Jorge personnel, both teaching and support staff, have had the opportunity to spend time at partner universities in other countries through different international mobility and exchange programmes.

From the Faculty of Health Sciences Elisabeth Bravo has recently spent a week at Vincent Pol University in the Polish city of Lublin and Pharmacy lecturer Víctor López has been at Université Paul Sabatier Toulouse III in France.