International lecturers in Master's in Pharmaceutical Care and Pharmacotherapy


It’s not only our undergraduate programmes that invite international visiting lecturers to lead teaching sessions, our postgraduate programmes are also becoming active, especially our Master’s in Pharmaceutical Care and Pharmacotherapy.

So far this year the programme has organized various international videoconference sessions: Mercedes Salamano, Jorgelina Paciolini, Anna Font Olivet, María Valdivieso from Univerisdad Nacional de Rosario in Argentina have all spoken on experiences of implanting Pharmaceutical Care Units, Djenane Ramalho de Oliveira from Universidad Minas Gerais has taken a class on the medication experience while Patricia Mastroianni from Universidad Estadual Paulista in Brazil has led a session on the deontological issues around Pharmaceutical Care.

Later in the year students will also be welcoming a guest lecturer from the University of Minnesota in the United States, one of the universities that has always been at the forefront of research into Pharmaceutical Care and its application, and a participant in the Master’s programme since its beginnings.