Intercultural workshop for Nursing students


Intercultural understanding is a key aspect of the internationalisation of our degree programmes at San Jorge and last week our fourth-year Nursing students took part in a workshop, organised and led by lecturer Isabel Antón, that has tackled issues around nursing, death and mourning in different cultures.

Four invited guests were welcomed to the University to take part in the session. Deepa from India talked about traditions and rituals that take place after the death of a person in the Hindu religion. Next, Gabriella, originally from Romania and a Christian Orthodox, explained the difficulties she encountered during the terminal illness of her father, especially due to the fact that they were not in their home country. Then Miguel, from a Gypsy background, discussed the traditions of the Gypsy culture in Spain and gave the students some advice on how to gain the confidence of Gypsy patients and therefore improve the quality of their care. Finally, Mohammed, a Muslim from Syria explained the difference between culture and religion within Islam, helped us to understand the laws of a religion that is becoming more common in Spain and gave us an idea of how the concept of life and death in Islam is different to that of the Catholic culture.

The workshop was an unforgettable experience that will help the students to develop the key values of the University.